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Mr.Thapa is appointed as Brand Ambassador for the Everest Cuisine

The Everest Cuisine located in Silicon Valley-Mountain View(California,USA) brings Internationally renowned celebrity Astrologer & Vastu Consultant Mr.Anil Thapa on board as the brand ambassador starting October 8, 2019. This is the first time any Nepalese & Indian restaurants in the USA has roped with any astrologer as their Brand Ambassador as far as we know.

In a statement here, Everest President Mr. Anil Pandey said Mr. Thapa, who has been doing extraordinary work in the field of Astrology and Vastu Shastra in Nepal. We are  happy to announce that we have appointed Mr. Anil Thapa as Everest Cuisine’s Brnad Ambassador for promoting our authentic food & nepali culture all around the world through his connection as he has a significant following in Nepal and the Nepalese speaking diaspora worldwide as quoted by Prince Yubraj Karki (Everest Cuisine-CEO).

Whats more! This is the same Restaurant that offered 15% off during Nepal’s one and only MegaStar Mr. Rajesh Hamal’s birthday last year In June. Likewise, Mr. Thapa is very excited when he was told that he has been appointed as a Brand Ambassador for the Everest Cuisine. He further said over the phone, It is an honor to associate with Everest Team (USA).

And he is on the long term association with Everest Team as he quoted. He further said that  I felt very welcome and I thanked the entire team for such a great honor. While we were working on some very exciting things since last year, We had decided to start our first campaign to open the restaurant in the USA in Silicon Valley. And for this purpose, I spent many days and giving them great advise as per my knowledge for the location,name and food choices, vastu concept and so on.

They followed exactly as I said. And now I am very happy to hear that they are doing great business these days and I am sure this Everest team will do more in the future in the field of hospitality and other business category. I look forward to a fulfilling association with the brand. Last but not least, To all members of the Everest  family, I would like to convey my warm greetings for very happy and prosperous festive season ahead.


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