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Meet The Partners: Prince Y Karki

Prince Yubraj Karki is our visionary CEO and co-owner, with over 19 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. He is also humbly proud to be the sole owner of the successful Kafal Restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA. His career took off when he was quite young and moved to Singapore for the hospitality management studies. He was the distinction holder as well as college topper in 2005 in Rex Commercial school in Singapore. After completed his study he worked for couple of restaurants to learn the nuances of the business before he joined for the Villa Bali in Singapore. He used to manage bar & restaurant followed by events & banquet in Villa Bali. Prince moved to the United States in 2010, inspired by the opportunity to introduce people to authentic Nepalese & Indian cuisine. Along with his partners, he opened the Kafal Restaurant in 2015 in Santa Rosa. But the restaurant didn’t do well at the beginning so other partners decided to discontinue the business but he didnt want to close the restaurant, so he decided to continue as a sole owner by taking all the responsibilities by himself. Likewise, He opened the Everest Cuisine with his other partners in Silicon Valley in 2019 to fulfill this dream and share the flavors of his homeland with food lovers. Under his leadership as CEO, Everest Cuisine has grown into a popular chain of restaurants, earning a reputation for its vibrant ambiance, warm service, and high-quality food.

Prince’s vision is to highlight the vibrant culture of Nepal & India through its food & service. He believes that food & service go side by side to spread joy, bring people together, and foster cultural understanding while dining at our restaurants.

 The success of Everest Cuisine in promoting Nepalese, Indian and Indo-chinese food and making it mainstream fills him with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

 Kafal Restaurant is named after Prince’s grandmother’s favorite Nepalese fruit called Kafal and was opened as a tribute to his late grand mother. His grand mother’s passion for food and hospitality has been Prince’s greatest inspiration.

 At Kafal, Prince aims to continue serving the delicious, homemade food that his Chef cooked with so much love. The recipes and menu are a perfect blend of traditional Nepalese & Indian flavors and contemporary fusion cuisine.

 Outside of work, Prince’s interests include traveling, discovering diverse cultures through cuisine, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. An avid foodie he loves hosting dinner parties and help cook extravagant meals for his guests. Prince also enjoys actively supporting charities and causes related to education, healthcare, and women empowerment in Bay Area as well as in his home country Nepal.  Not only that, prince loves movies as he is a movie lovers. Due to his passion towards movie industry, he recently produced Nepali movie named “CHI MUSHI CHI” with his business partner Anil Pandey along with other producers in Nepal. He wants to few more movies in the future as his passion for making movie has not been over yet.

 In his free time, Prince likes to read books on biographies of successful entrepreneurs around the globe, motivation stories, millionaire habits related books and of course, Nepalese folktales as well. He finds reading a great way to relax, gain new perspectives and foster creativity. Reading helps to develop new perspectives and exposes to new ideas and ways of thinking. It also allows  to build skills, improve and accelerate our growth. Not everyone has the time or the motivation to read every day but reading is one of the best habits he has developed so far as he quoted.

Prince’s life is a perfect blend of professional excellence, personal passion, and philanthropy. He aspires to continue expanding Everest Cuisine and Kafal Restaurant while staying true to the values of quality, passion, and customer top notch services.


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