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Meet The Partners: Chef Sagar

Meet Chef Sagar, the visionary behind Everest Cuisine. As he humbly acknowledges over 25 years of experience, Chef Sagar is also a true master of his craft. Born in Nepal, he is a graduate of Culinary Arts, participating in food shows worldwide.

Chef Sagar’s love of culinary experiences and adventure led him on a long journey through Asia—Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India and now in the USA. These experiences deeply influenced his cooking skills, and techniques to gradually shape him into the gifted chef that he is today.

At Everest Cuisine, Chef Sagar plays a pivotal role in creating innovative fusion cuisine by blending traditional Nepalese flavors with international influences.

Chef Sagar believes that food should be an exploration of new ingredients, techniques, and flavor profiles. He is passionate about discovering forgotten ingredients, reviving traditional recipes, and creating unique culinary experiences for diners. Under his leadership, the menu at Everest Cuisine has evolved to showcase an artistic blend of Nepalese, Indian, Southeast Asian, Latin, and Californian cuisine.

Throughout his career, Chef Sagar honed his skills in the finest restaurants and hotels in the Bay Area, Singapore, and Nepal. He received awards for his creations and was Executive Chef at Villabali in Singapore and Indreni Foodland in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In 2015, Chef Sagar moved to San Francisco, gradually introducing his eclectic style to Bay Area restaurants. At Everest Cuisine, he delights in fusing traditional Nepalese and Indian flavors with contemporary techniques. Popular dishes include Titanic Jhol Momo, Artichoke Pakoras, Nepalese Style Chowmein, Coconut Curry, Goat Curry, Tapioca Pudding, and more.

We excitedly share Chef Sagar’s vision and invite you to experience his magic touch. Chef Sagar is truly the culinary visionary behind Everest Cuisine, instrumental in building its eclectic New Everest menu.

Dynamic and passionate, Chef Sagar is deeply interested in food cultures, history, and sustainability. He celebrates local, organic, and seasonal ingredients, embracing fusion techniques to create unique flavor combinations. At Everest Cuisine, Chef Sagar has launched innovative Nepalese-Indian fusion concepts, reinterpreting classic dishes for contemporary palates.

Chef Sagar finds inspiration for new recipes through extensive reading, travel, and conversations with fellow food enthusiasts. He believes that food is a perfect medium to bring people together, fostering understanding and friendship. The aim is to make Everest Cuisine a neighborhood hotspot, beyond just being an authentic Nepalese restaurant.

Outside the kitchen, Chef Sagar enjoys gardening organically grown vegetables and herbs, practicing yoga, and hiking in the mountains. He has a passionate love for photography, capturing the beauty of nature as well as vibrant cultural celebrations. Chef Sagar supports local charities that provide underprivileged children access to cooking workshops and nutritional meals.

Some key highlights of Chef Sagar’s philosophy towards food include:

  • Use fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients for maximum flavor and nutrition.
  • Create unexpected culinary combinations and flavor profiles to challenge palates.
  • Weave stories through food by highlighting forgotten food legends, culinary journeys, and cultural traditions.
  • Foster an intimate ambiance where people can share memorable meals and meaningful conversations with loved ones.
  • Stay true to ingredients as well as traditions while continually reinventing and reimagining recipes.

Chef Sagar’s expertise and creativity have been pivotal to Everest Cuisine’s success and acclaim. His friendly, attentive nature and enthusiasm for cooking have earned him a loyal following and gained Everest Cuisine recognition as one of the Bay Area’s most popular ethnic restaurants.

With Chef Sagar, Everest Cuisine offers an unparalleled dining experience – from the vibrant ambiance to the ingenious, eclectic menu to the excellent service. We invite you to journey to Nepal and India through food at our restaurant and discover culinary delights only Chef Sagar can create!


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