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Meet The Partners: Anil

Anil Pandey is our beloved President and co-owner of Everest Cuisine. He brings to Everest Cuisine over 35 years of experience as a Nepalese-American entrepreneur and community leader. Anil moved to the United States in 1990 from Nepal, with the dream of establishing businesses that introduced people to the vibrant culture, flavors, and spirit of his homeland. Anil founded Everest Cuisine in 1995, envisioning it as a space where customers could experience the authentic and innovative cuisine of Nepal in a cozy, intimate setting. Under his leadership, Everest Cuisine has become a beloved neighborhood fixture, promoting Nepalese food as a means of fostering cultural diversity and accessibility. His passion for sharing the treasures of Nepalese culture through food continues to drive the menu’s evolution and community programming.

Anil is also the founder of Motherland Nepal, a nonprofit organization established in 2005 to support the growing Nepalese population in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through events, advocacy, and scholarship, Motherland Nepal aims to preserve cultural traditions, empower the community, and build bridges across diverse groups. Anil’s vision is to make Nepalese culture vibrant, present, and intertwined in the fabric of society.

Anil is also the co-owner of two other popular restaurants – Mr. Pickle Sandwiches in Concord, CA, and MNM Thread Salon in Berkeley and San Leandro, CA. Anil’s vision is to promote Nepalese food by making it more mainstream and accessible to food lovers across California.

During his leisure time, Anil enjoys cooking and exploring different cuisines, spending time with family, traveling, and photography. His mantra for entrepreneurial success has always been providing high-quality food and excellent customer service. The journey of Everest Cuisine from a small shop to a chain of highly-rated restaurants is a result of Anil’s passion, perseverance, and business acumen.

Outside of work, Anil enjoys photography, traveling to historical sites in Nepal, spending time with family, and contributing to philanthropic causes that uplift underprivileged communities. He is also the author of ‘Voice of Country’ and producer of the Nepalese film ‘Chi Musi Chi’. Some of Anil’s proudest moments have been donating $25,000 to the Nepali Community Centre in 2016 as well as sponsoring the Gender Equality Journalism Prize with Motherland Nepal.

Anil’s key passions in life revolve around food, community, and cultural preservation. As President of Everest Cuisine, he seeks to continue promoting Nepalese cuisine through innovative recipes, an intimate ambiance, and meaningful experiences. Through Motherland Nepal, Anil aims to strengthen the voice of the Nepalese diaspora, facilitating access to resources and fostering intercultural understanding. Overall, Anil remains dedicated to the mission of sharing the vibrant spirit of Nepal with all those he encounters through authentic food, events, and advocacy work.


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